Alert: Balmain and L'Oréal Paris Lipstick Collab Colours Revealed!


If you’ve been dreaming of joining the Kardashian-Jenners in the #BalmainArmy but don’t quite have the cash flow to Keep Up with the Kouture, we’ve got some huge news for you. Olivier Rousting just released some sneak peek pics on his Instagram of the Balmain and L’Oréal Paris Lipstick collab that is (hopefully) coming to a drugstore near you in late September 2017.

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The collection release is tied to Paris Fashion Week, where L’Oréal Paris is one of the official sponsors. There are 12 new shades in a variety of reds, pinks and purples, all in L’Oréal’s popular Color Riche formula. The collection is also going to feature three limited edition lipstick “jewels” that turn these already-above-average lippies into wearable accessories. It’s about “bringing the couture to the cosmetic,” Rousteing says in an Instagram video voiceover.

The idea is clearly to make the elite Balmain brand more accessible for us regular folks. “I’m really close to luxury but at the same time I’m also close to pop culture and I think a lot of people who may love the Balmain universe can’t afford the clothes,” Rousteing told Business of Fashion.

“The collaboration with L’Oréal Paris opens up luxury in a different way. For [consumers] to get a piece of Balmain [makeup] is a way for them to get into the Balmain universe. Makeup has always been part of my aesthetic and my silhouette. Having the opportunity to do that with an institution like L’Oréal Paris for me is an incredible dream.”

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Rousteing also talked about making a conscious effort to ensure the collection reflects the diversity of the women wearing it. “Colour is not just in the palette of my clothes, it’s also in the girls,” he said. “Some [shades] are really good on white skin, some are really good on Asian skin, some of them on black skin. Each group [of Balmain women] is really powerful but in different ways.”

Though the capsule collection will be available at select retailers across the US come the fall, there’s no word yet on whether we’ll be getting it here in Canada. Until we know more, catch us drooling over the videos on Olivier’s Instagram.

Update: Unfortunately for us beauty babes up North, these products aren’t currently scheduled to be released in Canada. That might change come the fall, but as of now you’ll have to take a trip across the border in September in order to snag these lovely lippies. Fingers crossed that they migrate up here sooner rather than later!

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