The Bachelorette Makeup Artist Tells All

Gina Modica, the woman responsible for JoJo's flawless face on The Bachelorette every week, gives us the inside scoop on her fave beauty products

Between the first impressions, sweaty dates, and rose ceremony sobs, makeup on The Bachelorette stays surprisingly intact—where’s the reality in that? The secret isn’t special effects or filters though; it’s Bachelorette makeup artist Gina Modica, the show’s resident MUA since its inception 13 years ago. So how does she keep JoJo looking flawless 24-7, even in sweltering Argentinean heat? The pro relies on dozens of time-tested, long-wearing products. She only sees JoJo once a day, which means no mid-scene touch-ups. “I’m there in the morning, but that’s it, so it is just like reality,” says Modica. “When I leave, she’s on her own.” Herewith, some of the tools that make Modica’s job a little easier (FYI: We tried to get her to divulge who JoJo ends up with, but the woman is a vault).

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