Canada’s pop sensation-turned-mogul dishes on her latest scent

In between late night trips to the tattoo parlour with rumoured boyfriend Brody Jenner, Avril Lavigne has been hard a work on a new fragrance. Forbidden Rose will be the Napanee-born singer’s second foray into perfume and unlike her first, Black Star, which combines dark chocolate with fruity undertones like pear and black plum, this new scent has a top note of “forbidden” red apple, along with white peach and Bourbon vanilla.

We sat down with the former FLARE cover girl recently to chat about Forbidden Rose, and what keeps her creative juices flowing.

FLARE: You’ve said one of your favourite parts of creating your first scent was creating the bottle and packaging. When you were involved in meetings for your second scent, did you bring in anything of your own from home for inspiration?

Avril Lavigne: Because I had the first, I had to keep the bottle similar, so this is like a stretched out taller version. I had a black rose at home and was making a hair piece for myself, so inspiration came from that. This one is more gothic, more mysterious, whereas black star was poppy and rock-y.

FLARE: Do you ever make anything non-commercially, for yourself or others and if so what have you made lately?

AV: I like to paint [in] abstract—I’ve made like 5 paintings for myself. I keep telling my brother I’ll make him one but I never do!

FLARE: You told Ryan Seacrest in an interview that you’re shy, yet the message behind this fragrance is daring girls to be bold and push boundaries. How do you break out of your shyness when you want to or need to?  

AV: I try to raise the volume level in my voice. I’m very introverted, so when I’m in a social atmosphere I just get loud. The message with this fragrance is daring to discover that thing in life and going after it.

FLARE: Where in L.A. did you buy your last great beauty item?

AV: I got the Minx nails done with an Alice In Wonderland-inspired theme with different suits of cards, because I [attended] the premiere and wrote the lead song. I’ve also done skulls [in the past].

Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose, $61. At Shoppers Drug Mart.