Ask Miss Wild - January

Ask Miss Wild

Q: I like this guy and I want to get closer to him. Every time he passes me, I want to say hi, but I’m just too nervous. What should I do? ?
A: Guys are just guys. Go up to him. Find something you have in common and start a conversation. Or, if there’s something you know he’s knowledgeable in, ask him a question. (Guys love to think they’re smart.) A note of caution: If you become friends with a guy, it may hinder your chance of one day becoming more than friends.

Q: I want my husband to shave off his mustache. But he’s had it for 10 years and he’s reluctant. What can I do?
A: Would you change your ways after 10 years for your husband? Possibly, right? Explain to him why you want him to change. Do you just want to see his face? Does his mustache give people the wrong impression about him? Is it uncomfortable when you when you kiss? Be open with him about your request and he’ll likely be responsive. Keep in mind: although facial hair grows back in no time, some men use it as a crutch or a cover, so shaving after 10 years may be more complicated than you think. Go easy on him.

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