Ask Miss Wild - February

Ask Miss Wild

Q: My boyfriend of over two years broke up with me out of the blue about a month ago. I thought we were going to get married and he always talked to me like we were. I have been writing him emails trying to get him to realize he is making a mistake and for a while he was sending me signals like he wanted to get back together but then he just stopped talking to me. Is there anything I can do to get him back?

A:The best thing you can do right now is back off. He needs time to figure things out, and it’s apparent you need time to learn how to be without him. If you try doing things to get him back, you may push him away even more. Let it rest for at least three months. At that time, if you’re still pining, call him up and feel things out. But don’t ask him flat-out about the two of you. Let him bring it up. If he doesn’t, prepare to move on.

Q: My guy chews with his mouth open and it grosses me out. How do I make him stop?

A:You need leverage. Is there anything he wishes you would do more of? If he’s always begging you to wear that short skirt or bring him a snack while he’s watching a football game, tell him you’ll do it after your next dinner out as long as he doesn’t chew like a horse. Or compromise by working on one of your nasty habits. Let him know you’ll try your best if he does the same.


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