Ask Miss Wild - Feb 2006

(1)All my friends have boyfriends - and I don't. (2)How can I get my husband to notice when I get my hair done?

Ask Miss Wild

Q: All of my friends have significant others and I feel boring and unattractive. I’m also not doing well in school, and I’m fighting with my mom. Nothing seems to be going right in my life.

A: Don’t be so glum, chum. We all go through phases of feeling a little less than perfect. Time without a significant other lets you focus on yourself. Take a night class, start volunteering, or learn a new sport to take you out of that slump. Devoting time to yourself and learning something new will help you grow as a person. Plus, you’ll meet new people and develop confidence. Then go forth with a positive attitude. You can succeed at anything!

My husband doesn’t notice when I get my hair done or when I buy new things for our home. I feel like he doesn’t care. How can I make him change?

A: You can’t. Your husband does care. He’s just guilty of being a guy; and guys don’t notice little details. Cut him some slack and don’t wait around for him to notice things. Instead, help him out. Let him know you’re going to get your hair done or you’re heading out to buy new things. When you come home, ask him if he likes your hair/the new dishes/the living room wall colour. Get it? Then, look at what he’s doing in his own way to show you he cares. Aw, how sweet.

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