Ask Miss Wild - April 2006

1. Why am I single? & 2. We lied about our age and are sneaking out of the house to see older guys. Should we stop?

Ask Miss Wild

Q: Why am I single? Everywhere I turn people are falling in love and getting engaged and getting married. It really makes me feel worthless. What am I doing wrong? Is there some sort of formula? Am I sending the wrong signals? Any advice that will break this spell would be welcomed.

A: What? You lucky girl. Look at what you’ve got! No one to answer to, no one to tiptoe around, no one to be embarrassed of, no one to worry about, no one to waste your savings on. Print this page now. I’ll bet after 10 years of marriage you’ll wish you had some of this single life back. You have so much worth! And recognizing that is Step 1 in getting a guy. Okay, if you still want one, here’s how:

• Do things that make you happy.
• Accept all invitations.
• Go where the single guys are.
• Make eye contact.
• Flirt.
• Relax.

Q: My best friend and I met these two guys. They’re much older, so we lied and said we’re older, too. Our parents wouldn’t approve of us hanging out with older guys, so we had to sneak out to see them. I feel really bad about lying to our parents. What should we do?

A: You’re lying and sneaking around? You should stop. Chances are, you look your age, and I’ll bet these guys know you’re young. They could be trying to take advantage of you and your friend, and that could be dangerous. Your parents are thinking about what’s best for you when they make rules, and these guys are probably thinking about what’s best for them when they’re trying to hang out with you. If you don’t feel comfortable introducing your parents to guys you’re casually hanging around with, then it’s probably not a good idea to be hanging around them at all. Got it?

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