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1. He claims he is confused and overwhelmed. What happened? & 2.I've had a crush on my co-worker for almost a year now. What should I do?

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Q: Two weeks ago, my guy told me he thinks we rushed into things. He says he needs some space and time to himself to clear his head. He claims he is confused and overwhelmed, and he thinks he might still have feelings for his ex (who cheated on him with another guy). At the beginning of the relationship, he told me he was completely over her. And on Valentine’s Day, he told me he loved me and always would. What could have happened? What should I do?

A: There’s nothing you can do but sit back and give him the space he’s asking for. He may have a lot going on in his life that he needs to sort through before dedicating more of himself to you. And, like he said, he may still have feelings for his ex. If that’s the case, his feelings aren’t necessarily stronger for her than they are for you. It’s possible he didn’t deal with the end of the relationship completely. He needs his closure. Stand back and let him get it.

Q: I’ve had a crush on my co-worker for almost a year now. He’s given me a few signals, but I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to let him know how I feel. It’s bothering me a lot. What should I do?

A: Things are sticky when it comes to love in the workplace. Not only is it sometimes against company policy, but also, down the road, the two of you will still have to share space daily no matter what happens (or doesn’t). Don’t make a move until you’re certain about the signals he’s sending. Then proceed with caution. Invite him to join you for a mid-morning java, or ask for help to your car when you’re overloaded. Be sure to keep all social interactions (and fluttering emotions) off-site.

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