Ask Miss Wild

Ask Miss Wild
FLARE’s relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

My ex is seeing someone new. I don’t want him at all, but I can’t help feeling incredibly jealous. How do I get over it?
Don’t fret, my pet, this doesn’t mean you want him back. It’s natural to check out the new girl and, even, feel a little jealous. To keep yourself in line, just remember why the two of you broke up. Have some fun with it and write a list of his poorest qualities. I’m sure you can think of SO many reasons why he’s still Mr. Wrong. Not feeling better? Do the same with Ms. New.

Things were left unsaid with my ex boyfriend. I’m in a happy relationship now, but I keep wondering if I should have a big talk with my ex for closure. Is that a bad idea?
Probably. It makes sense that you’re wrestling with all that wasn’t said. But you’ve got to look at your motive. If you just need to clear your conscience, then think about another way of doing that. If you’re think you’d be doing it for him, don’t bother. He’s old enough to deal with his own emotions. Plus, he likely has things that he never said as well. Suck it up and keep moving forward. And take this as a lesson to open up about everything in your current relationship.


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