Ask Miss Wild
FLARE’s relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

I’m dating someone I work with, but I want to break up with him. We’ve only been out four times. Can I get away with sending an email?
If he wasn’t someone you share office space, I would say an email is sufficient after only four dates. However, you’re going to continue running into said guy long after you do the deed, so you’d better make it thoughtful and reasonably considerate. Do it outside of work hours and over the phone or in person. Be polite and try to maintain a friendship. The last thing you need is a hater at your place of work.

My coworker keeps flirting with me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?
You’ve got a few options, depending on how uncomfortable it makes you as well as the relationship you’d like to (or need to) maintain with him. Option 1: Avoid him as much as possible. This may result in a cat-and-mouse-type chase if your desks are close, though. Option 2: Tell him outright. This may stop him dead in his tracks for fear of embarrassing himself any more. Option 3: Ignore it. Practice your fake laugh every time he approaches you with a come-on and continue what you’re doing. Hopefully he’ll find another victim soon.


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