Is my fiancé the one?

Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

You said: I’m engaged, but I’m having cold feet because none of my family members or friends seem to be crazy about my guy. Should I listen to my heart or the people that know me best?
Miss Wild: How long is your engagement? Hopefully you’ve got a bit of time to mull things over. With all the wedding prep around the corner, your man (oh, fiancé) is sure to spend at least a bit of quality time with each of your loved ones, right? Would this allow them to get to know him better and then feel the warm fuzzies for him? Or do they not think he’s right for you? Your friends and family rarely have an ulterior motive. Their top priority is your living a happy future. Consider that, rather than seeing it strictly as your opinion versus their opinion.

You said: Should I forgive him for cheating?
Miss Wild: That depends. Can you forgive him? Do you want to forgive him? He’s got to open up with you about what happened and why. If it seems like a one-time thing that he’s now killing himself over, then have a heart-to-heart about your relationship and your expectations and your future. And take things from there. But, do you want to be with someone who put your feelings and your relationship aside, even if for only one night? You should be first in your man’s mind 100% of the time.


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