Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

You said: I’m interested in dating, but I don’t know how to get started. I’m back on the market and I need tips.
Miss Wild: Get involved in things that interest you and have an open mind about meeting people who aren’t your typical type. Dress for a date every time you leave your house, and be yourself in every encounter. By surrounding yourself with new people while you enjoy life and do things you love (and look hot all the while), you’ll be a man magnet in no time.

You said: When you meet a guy and hit it off, why does he not call after?
Miss Wild: He might have a girlfriend. (You may have thought you two were flirting and getting to know each other while he was just killing time and practicing his social networking skills.) Maybe you intimidate him. (He just lost his job and he’s still paying off his student debt. You, on the other hand, are soaring in your career and you’re much more fab than he.) Basically, if he wanted to call you, he would. When the phone doesn’t ring after an encounter, get out there and find someone else.


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