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Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

Q: My boyfriend is meeting his ex for lunch. How can I be sure she’s not trying to get him back?

A: You can’t be sure. You have to put your faith in your man. It’s him and his intentions and his level of commitment you have to be worried about. But, really, is there any reason for concern? If you trust him, leave it at that. If you feel uncomfortable with him meeting his ex, let him know. And that’s about all you can do.

Q: I met a few guys online and I’m talking and dating them all. Nothing serious. Is that bad? What’s the etiquette for online dating?

A: The etiquette is pretty standard with all dating, but since there are so many more men online (and you can see that as either a good or a bad thing), an encounter or a chat with someone new is more frequent and often less serious. So the volume restrictions on casual dating tend to be a bit softer for online dating. It’s no problem that you’re casually seeing a few men at once. But, as always, once something gets (or is on its way to getting) serious, it’s time to cut back the boys.


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