Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

You said: I saw him with a new girl and I’m having major second thoughts.
Miss Wild: Ask yourself why you want your ex back. Is it just because he’s with someone else? Because that’s not a good enough reason. Remind yourself why you’re not together. If you really want him back, call him up and be honest. Just be prepared: for a lot of people, once things are over they’re over.

You said: My husband doesn’t like the way I dress. But I don’t want to compromise my personal style just because we have conflicting taste.
Miss Wild: What is it about your style that he doesn’t like? If it’s a matter of him not understanding the world of fashion, then just ignore him. But if he has some valid concerns (you clothes are too revealing, you’re too old to sport that style), then it’s time to take note.


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