Ask Miss Wild

Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your questions

Q: According to my husband, nothing I say is right. I am stupid, I am dumb, and I am an airhead. He just won’t stop putting me down! I don’t know what to do about this. Please advise me. My friends won’t give me advice because they say they value our friendship.

A: Maybe your friends have been telling you what to do but you haven’t been listening. Do you really want to be with a man who talks down to you? (The name-calling is nasty!) You have to love yourself and do what’s right for you. You need to get out of this relationship. Wouldn’t you rather be single than have someone around who constantly puts you down?

Q: I am crushing on this guy I work with. We email daily and in his emails he’ll refer to me as babe, wonder girl, and honey. Sometimes he signs off with xox. Is all of this because he is friendly or is it more? We’re going to a conference soon, where he has booked us a single room with double beds. What gives?

A: First of all, it’s all but impossible to determine people’s real feelings via email. Second, are you sure you want to be sharing a room with him at a work conference? That will give off a very unprofessional image to your coworkers. And it sounds fishy. If he’s really interested in you, make the boy work for it. He should be treating you with respect and asking you to dinner, not booking a room where the two of you might collide on the way to and from the mini bar.