Ask Miss Wild

Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

Q: I’m really broke and my boyfriend’s birthday’s coming up. What options are there?
A: A thoughtful gift is often more significant than one that costs a lot. So don’t worry. Plan a romantic dinner and cook him all his favourite foods. Or hone your inner craft goddess and make him something such as a BBQ apron or a pair of fleece joggers for around the house. Be his servant for a day and fetch him water, rub his back, and laugh at all his dumb jokes. Or organize his boxes of old photos into a keepsake album or two. When you make him the focus, he’ll love anything you do or give.

Q: I don’t know how to tell if this guy likes me. I think he does. But I’m too shy to ask.
A: No need to ask. A guy will show you if he likes you. Here are his signs of love:
– He talks to you often (and you’re not his barista or his cubicle neighbour).
– He asks about what’s going on in your life.
– He remembers what’s going on in your life.
– He tries to help you with things.
– He gets tongue-tied around or seems oddly arrogant and distant.
– He looks at you a lot.
If he’s doing a number of these things above, then he’s smitten. Give him the green light by spending time with him and flirting. He’ll eventually build up the courage to ask you out.


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