Ask Miss Wild

Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

Q: I’ve been going out with my guy for three years and we’ve lived together for two. At the beginning of our relationship, we were always having sex, but now it feels like a chore. He says that if we were having more sex, our relationship would be happier. What can I do to be interested again?

It’s not sex that makes a relationship good. And there’s nothing wrong with a shift in your sexual vigor. If there’s something that’s inhibiting your self-confidence, that’s what you should look into. Your boyfriend has to ease up on the pressure. Before focusing on what is or isn’t happening in the bedroom, make sure your relationship is satisfying everywhere else.

Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while and it’s great. But every month his ex girlfriend comes to town and calls him. He has told her to stop calling, but she continues. What should I do?

There’s not much you can do. Tell your boyfriend how you feel. Do you trust him? If you do, then trust him to put a stop to any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable.


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