Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

You said: I’ve been out a couple times with a guy who I have nothing in common with. But he’s really good looking. Can I keep dating him knowing I’m interested only in his looks?
Miss Wild: Sure! As long as you don’t get hurt and as long as you’re not mean to him. You’ve got to enjoy each guy for what he brings to your life. And sometimes there’s nothing wrong with flaunting a great piece of arm candy. Enjoy it and enjoy him. Move on only when you’re ready.

You said: I need a good pickup line. I never know how to make the first move.
Miss Wild: “Hi,” usually works well. Also try “May I buy you a ____?” “Will you pass me that _____?” “How do you know the hostess?” “You look a lot like _____.” “When are you going to introduce yourself?” Basically, it doesn’t matter what you say because guys are flattered anytime you make the first move. Just make eye contact and say something that breaks the ice and gives him the green light to proceed.


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