Ask Miss Wild

Ask Miss Wild

Q: My friends don’t like my boyfriend and it’s putting a kink in my relationship with them and with him. I don’t know what to do. Should I ditch my friends or break up with my guy?
A: Is it really that simple? If it’s easy for you to toss your friends then do it. If your guy is easy to replace, get back on the scene. I’m trying to see where your loyalties lie. Who’s always there for you? Who listens to you and understands you? Who cares about you and puts your feelings ahead of theirs? Take your time with this one and try seeing things from all angles. You don’t want to make a decision you’ll later regret.

Q: There is a guy who used to like me two years ago. I hated him then. Now I like him, but I’m not sure if he still likes me. What should I do?
A: There’s not much to do. I’m sure he’s aware of your negative feelings of the past. All you can do is find out if he likes you now. If he does, pursue. If not, let it rest.

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