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Ask Miss Wild

Q: I went on two dates with a guy, but I’m not feeling it. There’s no chemistry and we don’t have much in common. How should I tell him I’m not interested?

A: If there’s no chemistry, he probably already knows. But if this guy’s oblivious and actually calls you for a third date, just politely decline. At this stage, it would also be acceptable (if not polite) to simply screen his call. If you do that and he catches you on the phone, online, or you run into him on the street, apologize for not getting back to him and answer his request with a simple “No, thank you.”

Q: Do you think a relationship can work if the woman is 39 and the man is 25? I have been living with someone for three years and I am not sure if it is fair to hold him back from being single.

A: 25-year-old guys aren’t often ready to settle down, but if yours seems content playing house then Don’t worry about him. Just make sure you’re happy and go from there.

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