Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

My boyfriend and I have been together for six months and are going on our first trip. How do we split the costs?
You can divvy up of the expenses: one of you covers the hotel and breakfasts the other pays for lunches and dinners. Or have one person pay for everything up front (if you’ve got a credit card that racks points, volunteer). Then you’ll tally all the receipts and the do an even split when you’re back home. Make sure you discuss it beforehand and come to an agreement well before you pack your bags.

I want to take my husband on a surprise weekend getaway. I’d like to pack his bags for him and grab him right after work. Is this a sweet idea or would he be upset?
It really depends on his personality. Guys tend to be pretty easygoing, so he’ll likely be fine with it as long as you’ve planned carefully. Make sure he doesn’t have any prior engagements (work or personal) for the time you’d like to have him away. And be sure everything you’ve packed of his is his favourite (from his t-shirt to his cologne to his slippers). And do NOT forget his BlackBerry or phone (and charger!). Get bonus points when you pack a book, a men’s mag, and his laptop.


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