Ask Miss Wild
Our resident relationship expert answers your toughest romantic questions

My parents don’t like my boyfriend and the only reason is because he’s a different nationality than me. What should I do?
If it’s just a fling or if the relationship is very casual, then just keep your guy and your family separate. Don’t talk about your man to your parents and keeps things on the down-low so as to not upset them. If the relationship is likely one that will last, then you’ve got to take a different approach. Make sure your parents are very aware of all the great things your guys does (take the time to remind them), and always talk about his wonderful qualities such as his kind heart, his thoughtfulness, his encouragement and his support. What your parents really want is for you to be happy. So if their old-school thoughts are getting in the way of your relationship, you need to show them constantly (in ways that are irrefutable) that your man is a trusting, loving person who makes you happy and makes your life better.

My boyfriend is moving to the US for school for two years (I live in Toronto.) How can we make a long-distance relationship work?
Before he leaves, make sure you have a big talk. You should both be on the same page when it comes to what you want to happen over the next two years, what you want once he’s done school, whether you’ll date other people, how frequently you’ll communicate, etc. If you both have the same goals and if you’re both committed to making the relationship last, it shouldn’t be too bad. While he’s gone, make regular Skype dates to talk for free with your web cams. E-mail each other daily and include lots of pictures (new haircuts, things you’ve done with your friends, etc.). And send each other care packages and letters (Who does that anymore?) as a super sweet gesture.


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