Ask Caitlin: How to Deal With a Brow-mergency

Beauty editor Caitlin Kenny can (and will) blab endlessly about all things primping. We put her smarts-slash-obsession to work on your most burning summer beauty questions—even those of the woah-you-went-there variety. This week: are eyebrow tattoos the answer?

I have non-existent brows and darken them with a powder-wax combo. What can I do so they stay put when I’m swimming or sweating? Sometimes I fantasize about brow tattoos.
—Archless in Ontario

ask caitlin eyebrow tattoos

Hi Archless,

Eyes may be the windows to our souls, but brows are the signposts of our sass. You can’t frown at the fools splashing water into your poolside margarita without them. Tattoos—or embroidery, a newer, similar technique where pigment is implanted in teeny cuts in the skin for a more hairlike result—is your most permanent option, but it’s pricey and, um, kind of scary. Results last up to five years, approximately 4.99 years longer than my sanity would if the job was botched. The people I would trust, though: Shaughnessy Keely of Studio Sashiko in Langley, B.C. ($700), who books up to one and a half months in advance and whose skill has clients flying in from Germany and Prague; and Heather Seo at Ritual in Toronto ($350 to $600), whose enviable handiwork I’ve personally eyewitnessed. For less dramatic (and less costly, at around $20) enhancement, you can always try a tint, which lasts up to six weeks. And for the cheapest, 24-hour option, continue with your powder-wax sitch and then finish with Benefit’s new sealing topcoat, Ready, Set, Brow! ($30, out in late June). It’s a clear mascara-style gel that, when I tried it, survived a HIIT workout that almost killed me.

Good luck!

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