Ask Caitlin: How Can I Stop the Sun From Frizzing My Hair?

Beauty editor Caitlin Kenny can (and will) blab endlessly about all things primping. We put her smarts-slash-obsession to work on your most burning summer beauty questions. This week: how to fight summer frizz

I slather myself in sunscreen 24-7, but I’m getting paranoid about my hair. How can I stop the sun from frizzing me out and killing my colour?
—Mane Concern

(Illustration: Hatecopy)

(Illustration: Hatecopy)

Hello M.C.,

Are you a brunette? If so, good news: your darker pigment and extra oil make you less vulnerable to UV-induced fading and splitting. If you’re blonde (especially a bleached one, like me), the sun’s got you like, “suckaaa!” and will wreak havoc on your hair’s cuticles and protein. A chic hat is your best option, and you can also add a nourishing cream with the same filters found in skin SPF. Sun Bum, the Florida-based makers of super-hip sunscreen, just launched a hair line that includes Beach Formula 3-in-1 Leave-In ($20). It packs proven UVB absorber ethylhexyl metho-whatever, plus sunflower seed oil, because the brand’s legit surfer babes swear by the shine to deflect rays. And don’t forget a weekly rehab sesh (my all-time fave is Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense, $64).



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