Ask Caitlin: How Can I Fight Afternoon Tired Face?

Beauty editor Caitlin Kenny can (and will) blab endlessly about all things primping. We put her smarts-slash-obsession to work on your most burning beauty questions—even those of the woah-you-went-there variety. This time around: how to battle end-of-day squint lines and dry patches

Dear Caitlin,

By the time I’m done work, I’ve got dry patches and squint lines that go beyond
 a simple fix of piling on more concealer. But who the eff has time to recreate their morning regimen before post-work drinks? —Afternoon Fright

makeup tips

Dear A.F.,

Thank you for validating my weirdo theory that computer-screen light gives me Tired 2 a.m. Face by 2 p.m. My Uber-ride routine? I flip my iPhone camera to selfie mode and pull out what’s known as
a beauty balm stick (not to be confused with BB cream). Kind of like solidified skincare, these new touch-up wands don’t contain any cosmetic colour.

I use Joe Fresh’s Universal Beauty Balm (packed with beeswax and shea butter) on dull, flaky spots, usually around my eyes and lips, for quick hydration that doesn’t mess up my makeup. To smooth out the fine creases that creep up between my brows, I slide on Bobbi Brown’s Instant Confidence Stick. If time/traffic allows, a little blush never hurt an office zombie either.

In haste, Caitlin

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