Ask Caitlin: Should I Lighten My Freckles?

Beauty editor Caitlin Kenny can (and will) blab endlessly about all things primping. We put her smarts-slash-obsession to work on your most burning summer beauty questions—even those of the woah-you-went-there variety. This week: how does freckle lightening work?

I’ve always been OK with my freckles, but lately—well, ever since Olivia Munn zapped hers—I’ve been wondering if they could benefit from some lightening. She says she did BBL treatments. WTF is that, and can normal people with normal salaries afford it?
—Spotty Hottie

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Hey Spotty,

While I’m not sure Olivia Munn’s entirely new jawline can be solely chalked up to “brow reshaping,” she definitely seems to be telling the truth about her long-gone specks. As a fellow freckle face, I asked my derm,
Dr. Julia Carroll from Toronto’s Compass Dermatology, about BBL. Basically, “BroadBand Light” uses a specific wavelength to heat up and destroy skin’s melanin, be it a freckle or age spot. “After you get it done, they look really dark—like you have pepper all over your face—and then peel off,” Dr. Carroll says. Cool. She offers the service for $450 per treatment (most people need three or four), but the dots can come back with sun exposure. If that’s too pricey, I can always lend you my butt cream!


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