And The 2011 Colour Of The Year Is...

Pantone announces a vivid shade for 2011

Step aside, turquoise. While the world was in the throes of a recession, the colour masters at Pantone declared the blue-green hue to be the defining colour for 2010, representing escapism for the worn-down. But this year, the pros have picked “a brave new colour, for a brave new world.” Enter “honeysuckle.” Named after the flower that attracts hummingbirds not with its scent but with its pretty blossoms, the red-pink shade is said to be an uplifting and encouraging colour that can instill confidence to face challenges head on. Though we’ll certainly be slicking the bright shade on our lips come spring, we can’t help but wonder if the people at Pantone forgot about the fiery pops of orange seen all over the runways. What do you think?