Bye Bye, Blow Dryer! Embrace these Air Dry Hair Prods for an Easy Breezy Morning

Step away from the flat iron

We get it: while blowing out your hair is time-consuming to say the least, the thought of giving up your hot tools can be panic-inducing. They’re the key to hair that’s soft, smooth and frizz-free.

But over the last little while, a slew of new air dry hair products have arrived on the market to save our sanity. Not only do these products cut out damaging hot tools (your hair with thank you, I promise), but they’ll also save you buckets of time and your hair will actually still look “done.” (Yes, it is possible!)

Plus, natural hair texture is such a huge trend right now for all hair types, so why not let your mane shine this summer? Check out our round-up of 13 must-try air dry hair products that give your hair exactly what it needs to go heat-free this summer.

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