15 Grown-Up Hair Accessories to Shop RN

From bobby pins to hair bands, we’ve got hair accessories to make grown-up life a little less boring

Cue fond memories of the sparkly butterfly hair clips you broke out at childhood slumber parties or the oversized cheer bows that reined supreme in high school. If you’re anything like us, hair accessories have been a loyal friend throughout the many stages and trends of the past, but now mostly collect dust in an old jewellery box.

As adulthood has fully set in (sigh) you may not feel like the cutesy route works for you and your fast-paced lifestyle of early mornings and bill payments. Fear not, hair accessories still have a place in your life—we’ve done our research and found 15 adult hair accessories approps for the grown-up gal.

Whether you choose a head wrap to cover up day-three hair or add a dainty clip to jazz up your pony tail, these 15 hair accessories are sure to compliment the strong independent woman you are (or at the very least appear to be).

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