6 love musts for 2008

6 love musts for 2008

1. You must stop playing games.
Forget the rules you think you know. Be honest and straightforward in your relationship and you’ll see how stress-free things really can be. Say what you mean and do what you want. It’s not being mean, it’s being truthful.

2. You must ask that cute guy out.
Don’t wait for the guy to make the move. This year, you’re in charge. Get what you want by going after it. Practice: “Do you have a girlfriend?” (Wait for response.) “Want to go for lunch?”

3. You must tell your man you love him often.
We all love to hear it. But when you feel love every day, it’s often easy to forget to express it. Showing it is a given for making your guy happy and having a successful relationship. Just don’t forget to say it.

4. You must make (and keep to) a Date Night.
Your love will blossom when you put time aside for the two of you. Whether you hit a live show, go to the movies, or take each other out for dinner, turn off your phones and let nothing come between you and your scheduled Date Night.

5. You must be true to yourself.
Is your relationship not exactly what you want? Maybe your dating past is filled with not-so-greats. Be honest with yourself about what it is you need from a relationship and a partner. Then don’t stop until you find it—or until you make adjustments in your current situation.

6. You must make yourself look hot.
Stop going to the grocery store in sweats. And let your hair out of that boring ponytail more often. Of course you don’t need to impress anyone. But how about making this year the year of the Sexy You? Wear your good shoes, toss those granny panties, and put on some blush and lip-gloss. See? You’re hot!