5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Kardashian

The reality star dishes with FLARE about beauty, fame, and big ambitions

Photo by George Pimentel

Photo by George Pimentel

If you don’t know the name Kim Kardashian by now, turn on the TV, jump on Google, or walk past any newsstand in North America. The gorgeous brunette has been making waves with sisters Khloé and Kourtney as the playful stars of E!’s reality hit Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“I didn’t think [my celebrity] would reach this magnitude at all,” she tells FLARE. “There are definitely times when you want your privacy, but I do live my life on a reality show.”

Beyond television, Kardashian is busy running the retail chain Dash, which she and her sisters founded, as well as launching a signature fragrance and a clothing line. Most recently, she’s been promoting some of the tools used to maintain her highly sought-after beauty look, including the secret to her luscious pout. “I’ve been using LipFusion lipglosses for a long time, so when they called me to be the face of Fusion Beauty, I thought it was a natural fit.”

Here the reality star reveals five more little known facts:

#1 She went to makeup school.

“My dad sent my sister Kourtney and I to makeup school [when I was 14] as our Christmas present, so that we could learn how to apply makeup. They videotaped it and we would watch it back over on how to contour, conceal, [apply] eyeshadow and everything. So I’ve loved makeup from a really young age.”

#2 She has a hair and makeup room in her house.
“It looks like a literal salon—two vanities with mirrors, lights and beauty chairs. My makeup artist lives with me and [my friends] will literally call and book an appointment with [her] at my house.”

#3 When she went blonde in 2009, it was the first time she’d ever dyed her hair.
“I’d never dyed my hair until then. I was so nervous but I really wanted a change and I was just like, ‘let’s go blonde’, and we went all the way blonde. It was so crazy. Some people didn’t recognize me—I looked like a different person. I loved it, but then after a few weeks it was really hard to maintain.”

#4 She’s a West Coast girl with East Coast ambitions.
“I am so excited about opening up a Dash in New York.  Kourtney and I are there getting it going and the whole process is so much fun. The fashion in New York is different, so we are getting new lines than our Miami store and stepping it up. This is our dream come true—to have a store in New York City, and it’s finally happening.”

#5 Her motto? Family first.
“Above all, the best thing is getting to wake up with my family every day and work. It’s the best thing ever.”

Watch a clip from our chat below…