5 Things We Learned: Kristen Stewart's Balenciaga Live Chat

The actress promoted Florabotanic and answered questions from fans during a live online chat yesterday

5 Things We Learned From Kristen Stewart's Balenciaga Interview

Yesterday, Twilight star Kristen Stewart sat down for a live online chat to promote Balenciaga’s Florabotanica by Nicolas Ghesquière. The actress, who has known Ghesquière since she was about 15, revealed how happy she was to work with him and how his vision has helped her view fashion in a whole new way. Over 5,000 questions were submitted from fans, and the actress opened up (although it didn’t seem very easy) to answer a few selected Qs. Here are five things we learned from the interview, that ended up running a little shorter than planned.

She admits she doesn’t have “French chic”.
“Unless the occasion calls for it I’m really simplistic, like comfort, very straight forward. Dress, I don’t think about it. I go anywhere outside of LA, you go to New York you go to Paris and suddenly I’m like oh god I forgot to put socks on and that probably looks silly it’s winter time.”

She thinks Florabotanica is mature, yet youthful.
“I think it’s alluring and I think it’s bold and I think it’s present, and I think it’s natural, which is really important. It’s flowery. I just feel like it doesn’t smell like a chemical it’s so important to me, but I guess it’s odd too because I cause it’s young and mature and the same time, I feel like when I wear it I feel older.”

If Florabotanica was a movie it would like Alice in Wonderland.
“[Ghesquière] imagines a girl sifting through a garden, that is kind of really gorgeous and intoxicating but dangerous and so you kind of have to have the gusto to get through and also genuine curiosity, even if it’s not all going to be smooth and perfect.”

If this fragrance had a personality, it would be fearless.
“I think everything that Nicolas produces, I feel like it does draw sort of fearless people, you need to be your own person, you need to be an individual.. those are the type attracted to Balenciaga…It’s definitely not to be denied.”

She plans on learning French.
“I’m going to, I plan on it’s, it’s definitely a goal of mine but I’m so not their yet I’ve been a little preoccupied.”