5 things to do instead of calling him

Dying to pick up the phone after you've promised yourself not to? Do these things instead...

5 things to do instead of calling him
Dying to pick up the phone? Don’t. Do these things instead…

1. Paint your toes and wax your legs
Performing an old fashioned at-home pedi with a sexy red polish will take your mind off the phone for a good 45 minutes. Add to that a full leg wax and you’re distracted for at least another hour.

2. Call your girls
What better way to avoid dialing than to call your best friends for a gabfest? Enlist their help; make sure they know your intentions from the start. And as soon as you hang up, step away from the phone.

3. Clean the bathroom
Tackle that scum (pun definitely intended)! Put your back into it and scrub until that sludge is long gone and down the drain.

4. Go for a run
Working out increases your feel-good hormones. So sweating to loud beats on your MP3 player will surely take your mind off of what’s-his-face.

5. Eat ice cream
You’ll easily forget about the object of your affection once you’ve chowed down on a pint—or, who’s kidding whom, two—of ice cream. Boys? Forget it. Your mind will be on the hundreds of calories you just consumed and the bikini you’ll never be able to wear again.