5 New Details Behind Madonna's Fragrance "Truth or Dare"

The scent, the campaign and the story behind the new fragrance

Truth or Dare by Madonna bottle shot

Photo Courtesy of Coty

5 New Details Behind Madonna's New Fragrance "Truth or Dare"

Photo by George Pimentel

1.  The Campaign: Madonna was shot by the legendary duo Mert & Marcus, who once photographed the star for Interview Magazine.

2.  The Scent: A hypnotic blend of florals with a vanilla base. Caramelized amber round out the sweetness and a single wood note add a spritz of edge to the fragrance.

3.  Meaning of Truth to Madonna: “Duality. Sin is my twin. Contradictions push and pull.”

4.  Meaning of Dare to Madonna
: “To expose what lies beneath. Infinite possibility.
In this tension, we find our true selves.”

5.  The Collection: Truth or Dare by Madonna will include the fragrance, jewellery, lingerie and a limited edition Dom Pérignon champagne bottle.

A message from Madonna:

“There is something primal and mystical about the sense of smell. It connects us to memory, nostalgia and the ability to dream and fantasize. I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me, but that other people could relate to as well. Something classical and timeless and yet modern. My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. I carry it with me everywhere. She always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose. An intoxicating mixture. Feminine and mysterious. I wanted to recreate this scent but with something fresh and new about it as well. Something honest and yet daring. Hence the name Truth or Dare. We can be tricked by what we see and what we hear but not by what we smell.” [Madonnarama]

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