5 Minutes with Zoe Saldana

We talk to the Avatar star and Avon face about beauty advice, berry lipstick and more

Avon Ultra Berry Lipstick Avon Enternal Magic Enchanted
Zoe Saldana at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Photo by Keystone Press

Zoe Saldana is making big waves on the big screen, from her breakout role in Avatar to her recent turn in Colombiana. The star has also dipped her toes in the world of beauty, becoming the face of Avon’s Eternal Magic scent last year, as well as for the beauty brand’s follow-up fragrance, Eternal Magic Enchanted, $25, out this month. We spoke with her about beauty advice, berry lipsticks and being charitably-minded.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
“The best advice was from my mom: Wash your face before going to bed. I’m religious about it.”

Do you have any beauty or style icons?
“Grace Jones, Twiggy, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. They’re free. They follow their own heart.”

Any favourite products?
“I put vitamin C on my skin at night before going to bed. I like to wear products that are very plain like cetaphil, which you can get anywhere. La Prairie has this amazing serum that I wear everyday and I really feel the change and the results on my skin.”

You wear a lot of bold lipsticks on the red carpet. Are there any shades that you gravitate towards?
“I’ve tried to wear black but it just doesn’t read well. I’ve always been a fan of red and berry tones. I wear a strong lip because either I want to be seen, or I want to hide, and I feel like a red lipstick provides both scenarios, depending on which one you want.”

What’s your everyday makeup look?

“I love enhancing my eyes. I wear a little light liner and always wear mascara. I always moisturize and wear sun-block. And then I do a cheek, mascara, and a lip.”

You wear a lot of bold dresses on the red carpet. How do you choose a beauty look to go with that?
“Life according to us, my makeup artist and I, is a complete music video. We’re storytellers, so whenever we get a fabulous dress and we’re trying to style something for an event, we’ll create a playlist for it.”

What story were you going for with the striped dress on the Cannes carpet?
“We kept thinking about peppermint. And there was something very American about that Armani Privé dress that I loved.”

This is your second fragrance that you’re the face of with Avon. What’s been the best part about working with them?
“Avon has for over a hundred years empowered, encouraged, and supported women throughout the world. It has also provided aid to many causes that help women and children. You want to work with and you want to love great people, and you also want to be associated with great names and great companies and Avon was no different from that.”

You’re also involved with FINCA. Why is it so important for you to be involved in charitable initiatives?
“I think it feeds the cycle of life. You receive because you give, you give because you receive, so the moment you step outside of those balances is when everything goes arise. love participating in any efforts that I can to aid human beings that can’t aid themselves. But what I love the most is encouraging people to become self sufficient and independent. Organizations like FINCA provide that for women in developing countries where they don’t have the encouragement from their government, their environment, or their culture to self sustain themselves.”

What have you been doing with Avon in terms of the charitable initiatives?

“Less than a month after we started working together that catastrophic earthquake happened in Haiti. My family is from the Dominican Republic so we’re neighbouring brothers to Haiti, and it was very humbling to know that one of the first phone calls that we received was from the Avon company. I went down there with Avon and we packed some trucks and shipped supplies out to Haiti.”

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