5 Minutes with Taylor Swift

The songstress dishes on beauty, fashion and that famous fringe

Photo by Keystone Press

FLARE sat down with Taylor Swift, CoverGirl’s newest face and spokesperson for its NatureLuxe line, in New York this week. The songstress, who was dressed in a black polka-dotted dress and two-tone heeled oxfords, her trademark curls pinned up in a side chignon, dished on beauty, fashion and that now infamous AMAs fringe.

On why she’s a CoverGirl:
“Growing up‚ I would see a lot of my heroes in CoverGirl ads. The first one I saw that I was awestruck by was Faith Hill. CoverGirl has made some choices by picking people who are individuals and known for being who they are, like Ellen. They really focus on being who you are and that‚ is a wonderful thing.”

On her beauty regimen:
“My typical beauty regimen when I’m at home in Nashville is moisturizer, which I put on before foundation, a cream base and light colour eyeshadow, and a definitive eyeliner with an upward flick at the end of it. For morning, [I wear] the CoverGirl Gloss Balm and at night, I like to go for colour, like a red lip or a dark lip.”

On her fashion style:
“I’ve always been drawn to pretty dresses. Lately, I’ve had this fascination with retro styles. I’ve always thought of what life looked like ages ago, thinking about fashions that were huge then and kind of incorporating that into a modern look.”

On the secret to her bouncy curls:
“I’ve had naturally curly hair since I was little. I don’t put any product in my hair because I don’t like when it feels crunchy. I let it air-dry – I don’t blow-dry it, because that can take the curl out.”

On changing up her beauty look:
“My beauty look is ever-changing, but ever-girly. I like changing things from time to time. A little while ago, we straightened my hair for an awards show and that was a fun change—I like changes that are different and bold, but don’t throw off my fans. As far as straightening my hair, I’m only going to use it for special occasions because, my hair is, as I have recently learned, my defining feature. Nobody knew who I was when I was walking around backstage. But it’s fun to play around with different looks and try new things.”

For our full interview with Taylor, check out the March issue of FLARE magazine.