5 minutes with Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo Gets the Venus Goddess Treatment

Kevin Mazur for WireImage

Kevin Mazur for WireImage

To the thumping sounds of Bananarama’s iconic “Venus,” remade by Jennifer Lopez, the music icon herself emerged from the towering staircase of Radio City Music Hall, sporting a silver-sequined skirt, flouncy beige blouse, and killer Louboutin heels. Flare caught up with the songstress, designer, American Idol judge and now, Gillette’s Venus global ambassador, Jennifer Lopez, in NYC.

At the press conference, Lopez announced the Venus Goddess Fund, a cause dedicated to empowering women through educational opportunities for girls and women. The Fund will benefit charities including Lopez’s own Maribel Foundation, which helps women and children receive the best medical care, as well as CARE International and the StepUp Network. Her first initiative: Through a partnership with Maribel and Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, Lopez and her team opened the first Telemedical Centre at the University Pediatric Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Centre provides the opportunity for children to receive world-class medical care with a direct link to technology and top doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. “I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help children and give their parents hope for a healthier, happier future.”

On being a Venus ambassador:
“This campaign is about every woman being a goddess. It’s about celebrating our inner strength, being confident and feeling empowered. As women, you can do a lot for children, for your community and for the world.”

On what beauty means to her:
“Inner beauty makes outer beauty become something spectacular. It does come from inside. They say that until you’re 25, you get the face God gave you, and after that, you get the face you deserve.”

On keeping her legs looking great:
“I do a lot of dancing, especially when I have music coming out, because it’s like not working out for me. I also lately have been trying the Tracy Anderson method because it has a lot of dancing in it. I’ve been working out 4 to 5 times a week for an hour and a half.”

On her love for Venus:
“I just think they’re great products. I think about the first time I ever shaved and that aluminum razor thing my father had, and how I thought I was going to chop my leg off with it! I’m very grateful to Gillette for the fact that they’ve made it safe and beautiful and it has emollients in it. The whole experience is so much better than it was before.”

On making healthy choices:
“Like everybody, I go in and out of being disciplined. I think it’s always important to be more consistent with it. It’s not that you can’t have your moments where you go off it or you have your day once a week where you don’t think about eating right or indulging a little bit or that favourite dessert. Being healthy, eating healthy, exercising, especially as you get more mature, it’s definitely something you have to think about more. You don’t bounce back as quickly as you were when you 21. But everything in moderation.”

On her skincare regimen:
“It’s a very basic cleanser that removes makeup. Scrubs—I don’t do any of that stuff. And then I put on some moisturizer with sunscreen.”