5 Minutes With Carrie Underwood

The new face of Olay skin care shares her secrets to total confidence

Courtesy of P&G

FLARE caught up with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood in New York recently for the announcement of her new beauty gig as the North American celebrity spokesperson for Olay. (Look out for her debut campaign, for the beauty brand’s revamped line of face washes and cleansing cloths, on store shelves in March.) Dolled up in a pale pink, one-shouldered Stella McCartney dress, with her hair sleekly styled and demure makeup (save for a dramatic touch of smoky purple eyeshadow), she was the picture of polish and happy to share what makes her feel and look her best.

The Olay celebrity ambassador is meant to be a fearless hero who will inspire women to “challenge what’s possible.” What makes you feel fearless? “Confidence is the most amazing thing, and that comes from, of course, how you feel about yourself. When your skin’s good, you feel you’re presenting your best face to the world and you can go out there and do your thing with total confidence.”

Are there days when you feel a little bit less than confident? “Of course, I’m human. Some days everything clicks, and some days you kind of have to work a little harder at it. But if every day was perfect, we wouldn’t appreciate it, would we?”

Going back to the idea of challenging what’s possible, what are the things you want to challenge in your own life? “I feel like I’ve already challenged a lot. I grew up in such a small town [Checotah, Oklahoma], where doing what I do now just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t a thought. Nobody could comprehend that. I certainly couldn’t. And now my life is totally different, and every single day I feel like we just move further in the right direction, whatever that may be. But going forward—I love when people bring up statistics and things like that about breaking records—I just constantly want to be moving forward. And yeah, that’s my ‘challenging what’s possible’ and being fearless: Being able to pull through and go forward with confidence.”

What kind of beauty looks do you prefer in your everyday life? “I prefer emphasizing eyes more than anything, especially being onstage, I can take a few more liberties than I would just walking down the street or going to the mall. I love darker colours. I love smoky eyes, I love mascara, and I love to go a bit more heavy on the eyes.”

Are there any health, fitness or lifestyle habits that are really important for making you feel and look your best? “Exercise, whether it’s walking, running or going to a class. I love classes. They’re so much fun.”

What’s your favourite class? “Anything, it doesn’t matter what it is. I love kettlebell classes. I’ll take anything, just a good kick-your-butt workout. And I’m so competitive. I’ll get in the room and be like, ‘I’m going to be better at this than anybody else in here.’ I can do the hard stuff. I’ll do the advanced moves. It’s just exercise; it makes you feel good. It might hurt while you’re going through it, but afterwards you have accomplished something.”

Is there something you’ve never done before that you would like to do in the next five years? “I honestly take things as they come. I have no goals for myself. I feel like, if I fill up my schedule, sometimes things happen, sometimes people call up and say, ‘Would you be interested in being in this movie?’ or doing whatever it is, and I can’t because I’ve booked myself up. I love touring and things like that, but I think it’s important to just see what gets thrown my way, and if it’s fun, I’m in.”

I’ll ask the obligatory Canada question: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re in Canada? “My guy and I honestly don’t do anything. I love a good Sens game. I’m there. I love watching him play, but he’s got a lot of family and friends—and they’re pretty awesome—who live near by and who we get to hang out with. So just spending time with my husband.”

For more of our interview with Carrie Underwood, check out the March 2011 issue of FLARE, on newsstands February 14.