Boost your self-confidence with these tips to raise self esteem

Boost your self-confidence with these tips to raise self esteem



Buy Larger
Has anyone ever tried to convince you to go up a size? According to FLARE’s Senior Market Editor Tammy Palmer, bumping up your dress size is a clever way to minus a few pounds. Depending on what your best asset is—you’ll want to go larger where you tend to gain weight. Remember, just one size up will often do the trick.

Detoxify Your Body
According to Dr. John Dempster ND., starting a detox is a great way to feel better about your body. The 5 golden rules are: 1) drink 8 glasses of pure water daily to flush your system, 2) cut out the white, i.e. flour, sugar, rice, pasta and milk, 3) increase your consumption of organic green vegetables—aim for 4 servings a day, 4) avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, and 5) exercise daily to improve circulation and get a good sweat.*

Friendly Reminders
Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little love. Try leaving positive post-it notes around specific areas in your home and at work so you’re reminded of how great you really are—especially when you need to hear it most. Here are some inspirational quotes to start with:
BATHROOM MIRROR: “Today I am at peace with myself.”
FRIDGE: “I eat foods that nourish my body mind and soul.”
WORK DESK: “One day at a time. Each day is new, if you let it be.”

Positive Thinking
Imagining yourself thin isn’t a waste of time. In author Norman Vincent Peale’s best-selling book The Power of Positive Thinking, positive thinking can actually help you achieve your goals—whether it’s losing weight, finding a mate, or finding your calling. Creative visualization is the most natural of ways to help your body achieve its goal weight because the way you think affects your body at a cellular level. Next time you close your eye’s, try visualizing your body as you want it to look and how you can achieve this by healthy eating and exercise. Before you know it, what you imagine can become a reality.

Practice Yoga
The ancient old practice of yoga is not only good for your mind—it’s good for your body also. And how you feel mentally is linked to how you feel physically so that’s why yoga, fusing the two, provides the perfect mental and physical workout to help boost your self-confidence and body image. Remember to start out slow and build your stamina gradually. Flexibility and strength come with practice, so don’t get discouraged if you attend your first class and can’t keep up. Just keep at it and see your body and mind become stronger.

BONUS! Self Tan
If you’re having a bad day, do as the celebrities do—put on a little self tan! Your body will transform into a darker, natural-looking golden brown tan and will appear slimmer. Check out FLARE’s favourite self-tanners here!

*Remember to please contact your doctor before starting and diet or fitness regime.

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