4 Fragrances Almost As Strange As Lady Gaga’s

We round up some of the most radical scents out there

More news about Lady Gaga’s upcoming fragrance: she wants it to smell of blood and semen, according to Fashionista. While we can’t say we’re dying to douse ourselves in the raunchy-sounding scent—fingers crossed that the megastar’s wishes end up translating into something earthy and fresh à la Rad Hourani rather than a literal take on the aforementioned fluids—the news did get us thinking about some of the weirder scents we’ve seen in our time.

Demeter Earthworm Cologne Spray
From the same people who brought you Turpentine and Play-Doh scents, a juice inspired by mud-loving invertebrates. Head to to see their entire wide, wide-ranging list of scents.

Eau de Stilton

The stinkier the cheese, the better. So then a fromage-inspired fragrance makes sense, right…. In 2007, the Stilton Cheese Makers Association commissioned a Manchester-based perfumer to craft a scent based on their favourite snack. The result? “An unusual but highly wearable perfume,” according to the SCMA’s Nigel White.

Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d’Orange
Proof that inspiration can come from unlikely places: The niche French fragrance house decided to honour the “Midnight Cowboy lost on city asphalt” with a namesake fragrance —though we’re not quite sure how vetiver, vanilla bean, opoponax and myrrh reflect the noble tradesman….

Flame by Burger King
How about a hint of flame-broiled meat in your morning spritz? In 2008, the Whopper restaurant released a men’s fragrance, which they boldly dubbed “the scent of seduction.” We hear Homer Simpson is a fan. —with files from Lynn Wayling