3 New Kits That Make Nail Art A Whole Lot More Accessible

Find dotters, brushes and beads to create your nail designs

Caviar Manicure The New Black Typography Nail Kit Quo By Orly Instant Artist Tools

Once the province of nail salon fanatics, nail art has moved out of its niche kingdom and into the mainstream. It’s been a runway mainstay for several seasons and YouTube tutorials and Pinterest boards have exploded. But it hasn’t been that easy to get your digits on the tools required to create some of the more complicated looks. Dotters, brushes and beads often required some online scouring or a trip to the beauty supply store, but several companies have now made finding these specialty tools as easy as a trip to the drugstore or online beauty megashop. Here are three finds that make at-home nail art a no-brainer.

Quo by Orly Instant Artist Nail Art Tools
, $15. This tool set includes a fine-tipped brush for drawing lines and details, and a double-sided dotter for creating polka dots, flowers, cherries–really, anything that’s round–and applying beads and sequins. The Instant Artist line also includes a line of polishes, $4 each, with a fine brush. At Shoppers Drug Mart

The New Black Typography Collection
, $17.50. Newsprint nails are usually involve newspapers, rubbing alcohol and patience. This kit from The New Black, who also have a range of ombré nail sets, $24 each, puts it all together in one box. There’s a pale base colour, a super-glossy top coat, transfer solution and, for those who get all their news on Twitter, a small roll of printed sheets.

Ciaté Caviar Manicure, $28. These pearly kits were released this spring to much fanfare from nail buffs and editors alike (including us!). The four-piece set comes with a base coat, a bottle of beads and a funnel and tray for no-mess application. The Rainbow pearls look like confetti, but the Mother of Pearl and Black Pearl beads put the emphasis on the cool texture.