2006 Flare Communications Award - main page

2006 Flare Communications Award - main page

Flare Communications Award 2006

Far from Home
by Claire Murray
(2006 Winner)
Chic Traveller
by Stevie Gorrie, Natalie Lecomte and Brent Weisgerber
(Honorable Mention)
New Gangsta
by Marika Thoms and Monica Farago
(Honorable Mention)


Mocha Latte
by Alicia Wilson and Stephanie Yee
(Honorable Mention)

  Beautiful Baroque
by Anna Clapham
  Center of attention
by Anthony Saracino

Once upon a dress
by Jacinta Mulhern
and Anya Taraboulsy
  Cast Away
by Ashley Lotecki and Kelly Holman
  Garage Sale
by Betty Trieu

Classic Revival
by Carolyn Hynds
  Black Swan
by Melissa Chan,
Sing Chan and
Angela Chang
  Suit de jour
by Claire Hall and Andrea Morton

Fishing for Compliments
by Dejana Grubisic
  No Shrinking Violet
by Erin Gray
  Dungeon Doll
by Haley Thompson

Modern Elegance
by Hannah Yoon
  The Narrow Margin
by Heather Sanderson
  Majestic Grey
by Jessica Laplante and
Julia Barylak

Antiquity Revived
by Jyoti Tyagi
  Supernatural Siren
by Kiera Morton
  Curtain Call
by Kristin Baynton, Lesley Bridge and Jennifer Keogh

Flight of Fancy
by Leah Marsh
  Just say yes
by Leila Canon
  Organic Style
by Lesley Johnson

Incandescent Bride
by Madalina Mandaianu
by Marianne Simoneau
  After Midnight
by Matthew Mayer and Sheena Breski

Sitting Pretty
by Melissa Borutski
  Flying high
by Melissa Wong
  Raw Elegance
by Natalya Ratner, Kathryn Findlay and Jennifer Mason

Wasting Away
by Robyn Waffle
  Club Havana
by Alicia Simpson, Mandy Baotic and Katherine Woroniecki
  Midnight Allure
by Sonia Lee

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In fine tune
by Emily Walker, Jordanna Porter and Briana Mirabelli