10 Ways to Create a Halloween Costume With Just Your Hair

Don't want to devote tons of time to sorting out an entire costume? Figure out how to pull off the perfect Halloween hair look with these ten ideas

As anyone who’s ever gotten a break-up haircut will tell you, sometimes the most transformative quality we have is our hair. This Halloween, grab your styling tools and get ready to channel your inner Vidal Sassoon, because the secret to a convincing costume is the hair on your head.

We checked in with Garnier Canada hair expert Roger Medina for his tips on nailing some classic hair-heavy Halloween looks. Here, 10 ways to transform your tresses for a spooky-chic night out.

Almost Famous’ Penny Lane


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Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane in Almost Famous is the epitome of dreamy rocker chic, and boasts some serious 2000s hair envy, according to Medina. The secret to this style is lots of salt spray, like the Garnier Fructis Beach Chic. “Begin by parting your hair down the middle, and lightly mist salt spray throughout the hair and blow dry the product into the hair,” says Medina. Curl hair in medium-sized sections before brushing out and adding more salt spray.

Diana Ross


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You’ll need to bust out the curling iron for this iconic look, getting all your hair into tight curls. “This will take a while to finish but be patient,” advises Medina. Once finished, run a paddle brush through your hair from root to end before lightly back combing the roots to create volume. Add a spritz or two of finishing spray and voilà: disco diva.

Tina Turner

(Photo: Rex/Shutterstock)

(Photo: Rex/Shutterstock)

Tina Turner may be best known for her gorgeous gams, but it’s her hair that’s her beauty signature. No matter which length she wears it, girl is all about the high volume, something she achieves with wigs. To nail this ’80s look with your own hair, try crimping it with a crimping iron before backcombing for more texture, adding plenty of hairspray for hold. A swipe of red lipstick will complete the transformation.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly


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There’s no movie character quite as iconic in the style world as Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly. To get her unmistakable up-do, “prep the hair by applying volumizing spray or mousse, such as Garnier Sky-Hi Volume Mousse, from root to end and blow dry.” Apply dry shampoo at the roots to create volume before curling hair backwards with a curling iron to create bend and volume. “Once finished, part your hair into a deep side part and begin to French twist your hair working your way to the back of the head.” Medina’s pro tip on keeping this look true to the original? “Keep baby hairs around the face and remember to finish it off with a hair embellishment.”

The Royal Tenenbaums’ Margot Tenenbaum



Played by a pre-Goop Gwyneth Paltrow, this sullen Wes Anderson heroine has a truly iconic cinematic look. Blow dry your hair straight into a side part, adding smoothing lotion to manage flyaways and hairspray for hold before clipping it all into place with a red barrette. The final Margot touch is a smudgy application of black eyeliner.

Morticia Addams



One of Halloween’s sexiest icons, Morticia Addams is truly a force to be reckoned with. If you’re blessed with a long, raven mane, simply blow-dry it straight, centre part it and flat iron if desired. Otherwise, a wig may be your best option. Defined brows, silver eyeshadow and a ruby red lip on alabaster skin complete this dramatic Halloween vibe.

Jessica Rabbit


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She may be a cartoon character, but Jessica Rabbit is instantly recognizable by her va-va-voom red mane. With old Hollywood curls and a deep side part, this look can be achieved at home with a volumizing product, a can of red hair colouring, a strong blow dryer and a large-barrelled curling iron. Or, skip the hassle and head to your nearest blow-dry bar.

Troll Doll


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Everything ’90s is back again, including these funny little dolls. To get your troll on, pin hair up in the back using bobby pins and stick something into your hair, like a soda bottle, to give it something to cling too before tying it up with a hair elastic. Backcomb and spray liberally with hairspray before coating it in the spray-in colour of your choosing. Adorable.

Grease’s Sandy



“This look is a classic!” says Medina. Everyone’s favourite bad-girl transformation has some serious curls. Medina suggests using a one-inch curling iron to curl hair in small sections until they are full and bouncy before pinning your hair up. Add hold do your Sandra Dee ’do with Garnier’s Finishing Spray.

’70s Punk


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This is one of those looks that never goes out of style and is a lot of fun to experiment with. When it comes to a classic punk hairstyle, the bigger, the better, so get out your backcomb and can of hairspray. If your hair shade skews to the natural end of the spectrum, try a temporary spray to add some DIY green, yellow or blue. Shorter hair should, of course, be spiked.

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