10 Canadian Beauty Blogs (and Vlogs!) You Need To Know

Brb, going to watch makeup tutorials from now until forever

Ommphoria Beauty Bar

Ommorphia Beauty is one of our favourite Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: This Montrealer began her blog after her husband dared her to, and we’re pretty glad he did. Eugenia combined her love of beauty, writing and photography to create Ommorphia Beauty Bar, a series of swatches, product reviews and recommendations. Needless to say, her husband learned not to dare her again. #RelationshipGoals

Why we love it: All of her blog posts are well thought out and have the perfect balance of reviews and photos. We love her product swatches, especially when it comes to lippies.

Our fave recent post: Dior 962 Poison Matte


Beautezine, one of our fave Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Launched in 2011, Beautezine is an award-winning website (it won the P&G Beauty & Grooming Award for Best Site in 2016) that features honest product reviews for Canadians.

Why we love it: The minimalist design clean product photography have us scrolling for hours on end.

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Farah Dhukai

Farah Dhukai is one of our fave Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: With a cool 1.5m YouTube subscribers, Farah Dhukai is a beauty DIY queen. She creates at-home solutions that actually work for any beauty-related thing you can think of.

Why we love it: Everything on her page is created and test-driven by her, and she features lots of good-for-you, natural products.

Our fave recent video: How to Whiten Teeth INSTANTLY at home

Daly Beauty 

Daly Beauty is one of our favourite Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Jane, otherwise known as Daly Beauty, began her blogging journey back in 2010. This super-mom sheds knowledge on all things beauty, including her love of fragrances, for her devoted readers.

Why we love it: Each post is chock full of important product knowledge that is often overlooked, keeping you well-informed on the right ingredients for your skin.

Our fave recent post: 4 Natural Alternatives to Retinol That Won’t Make Your Face Hurt

Sonjdra Deluxe

Sonjdra Deluxe, one of our favourite Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Vancouver-based makeup artist Sonjdra started her YouTube channel in 2009 to share her bold makeup tutorials, like faux freckles, a pink lemonade and Kim K-inspired looks. Look familiar? You may have seen her photos at your local NYX store.

Why we love it: Her videos are fun and expressive, and inspire us to step out of our comfort zones.

Our fave recent video: Fall Aqua Eyes Flawless Skin


Itslikelymakeup, one of our favourite Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Vlogger and professional makeup artist Jordi started her YouTube career in August 2015 after posting her makeup looks on Instagram got her lots of positive feedback. Today, she has close to 300k followers. Cray!

Why we love it: From daytime looks to Halloween makeup, she has a tutorial for every occasion.

Our fave recent video: Too faced sweet peach palette/talk through full face makeup tutorial

Karissa Pukas

Karissa Pukas, one of our fave Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Vancouverite Karissa Pukas has been sharing her beauty secrets on YouTube since 2010. Some of her most-loved videos are beauty reviews and tutorials.

Why we love it: In addition to her on-point beauty content, she has an awesome assortment of lifestyle videos, including fashion hauls, lookbooks and vlog diaries.

Our fave recent video: My Morning Routine


Beautygeeks, one of our fave Canadian beauty blogs

What it’s all about: Since its start in 2008, Beautygeeks focuses on the philosophy of enhancing what we have in order to face every day with confidence. They speak with dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, product developers and celebrity makeup artists for insider tips and intel.

Why we love it:  They don’t miss a beat when it comes to product launches, collabs and news.

Our fave recent post: Maybelline no-makeup makeup how-to

Makeup Your Mind

Makeup Your Mind is one of our favourite Canadian beauty blogs

What you’ll find: Rachelle Young started Makeup Your Mind to share her makeup obsession with the world. She features everything beauty related from swatches to product reviews to tutorials.

Why we love it: She has a great mix of words and how-to video content.

Our fave recent post: Makeup & Skincare Empties 2016

Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha Ravndahl, one of our fave Canadian beauty blogs

What you’ll find: Hailing from Vancouver, Samantha Ravndahl gives you the beauty tips and advice you didn’t know you needed, like a halo eye tutorial and holographic makeup.

Why we love it: Whether she’s creating a look for everyday or something that’s a bit more out there, she walks you through step-by-step in a detailed, easy-to-follow way.

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