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It's Official! Yuki Will Be Making her Comeback in Bachelor in Paradise Season 5

Is it August 7 yet?

Yuki Kimura looks over her left shoulder.

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We haven’t seen the last of Yuki Kimura!

On June 20, franchise producer Elan Gale uploaded a *v* interesting Instagram pic that basically confirms that our fave international contestant will be making her well-deserved return to the franchise. This time, however, the Bachelor Japan alum (and Bachelor Winter Games fan favourite) is replacing chilly Vermont with sunny Mexico for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, which is set to premiere on August 7. In the pic, the 21-year-old is flashing her signature smile, and is joined by franchise host Chris Harrison, as well as Paradise resident bartenders Wells Adams and Jorge.

Mount Rushmore – Bachelor In Paradise is BACK, August 7th!

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This is the first time we are actually *seeing* Yuki in Paradise, but it isn’t the first time we’ve heard whispers of her return to the franchise. In May, Chris Harrison teased Yuki’s possible return to People. “I have one word for you: Yuki,” Harrison said. “I’m not saying she’s on Paradise, because I can’t announce something like that, but I will say you might see Yuki.”

The contestant’s hilarious one-liners and sweet personality on Winter Games this past February quickly made her a fan favourite. However, many viewers criticized the show for putting the Japanese contestant at a disadvantage. As the only contender from the Bachelor Japan franchise and the only one in the Games who was not fluent in English, Yuki often depended on a translator to speak with other contestants on Winter Games. This, of course, made it difficult for her make a romantic connection—the ultimate goal of the show, of course—although we are still shipping her and Ben Higgins.

Then, in the third episode of the four-part series, Harrison decided to boot our precious Yuki off the Games for not pairing up, and we’re still mad about it, TBH.

Despite the harsh farewell, Harrison still seems excited for Yuki’s return to Bachelor Nation. “I don’t want to do television without Yuki,” he joked to People. “That’s now in my contract—that I’ll always have Yuki by my side.”

Fans won’t be disappointed with the rest of the Paradise cast either, the longtime host said. “We have some fun surprises this summer.” Memo to Harrison: All we really want is our girl Yuki to get the happy ending she deserves. So don’t hurt her this time, k?

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