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For the Record: Tyler C. Should've Gotten The Final Rose on The Bachelorette

#TeamTyler all the way

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I’ll admit it: At the beginning of season 15 of The Bachelorette, I was on the fence about Tyler C.

The 26-year-old general contractor from Jupiter, Florida, looks like he was plucked straight out of an Abercrombie campaign. Sure, as Hannah said, they had steamy physical chemistry (*cough* that massage scene *cough*). And, I mean, that’s no surprise since the dude legit looks like an Adonis. Given the opportunity, I too would use those abs as a washboard. But over the course of this season, Tyler C. has proven that, as his ABC bio says, there is more to this hunk of man than meets the eye.

Going into what Chris Harrison repeatedly claimed would be the “most dramatic” finale of The Bachelorette ever, Hannah was still struggling with her decision between Jed and Tyler C. But to most of Bach Nation, the choice was clear. Instead, Tyler C—and most of the fans watching—had their hearts broken during the proposal.

Tyler C and Hannah embrace. He looks really sad

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With everything that went down on the finale—from Jed’s deception to his lacklustre defence—it’s amply clear that Tyler C. *should’ve* gotten the final rose on The Bachelorette. Here are all the reasons why:

He was *actually* single when he joined The Bachelorette

Yup, this is some not-so-subtle shade at both Jed and Peter, who, according to reports that surfaced after the show taped, were both in relationships when they were cast on the show. Peter allegedly broke up with his girlfriend, Calee Lutes, in order to be on the show—although, as Refinery29 points out, that drama was not addressed at all during his interview last night. According to similar reports, Jed had a girlfriend when he started filming The Bachelorette, and we learned during the finale, they never *actually* broke up. Hayley Stevens told People that she’d been in a four-month relationship with Jed prior to the show and that he told her he was only going on the show to use it as a platform, not to find love. (More on that trash later.)

From what we can tell, Tyler C. was *actually* single when he joined the show, and although that should be the bare minimum, it somehow put him head and shoulders above many of the other men vying for Hannah’s heart.

He’s all about Hannah living her best life

Tyler C on The Bachlorette live says the world is hers and I know that

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Good looks are one thing, but what really gets me going is when a guy respects me as a human woman. And Tyler C. has repeatedly demonstrated his unwavering respect for Hannah. I mean, remember that time when Luke P. tried to get the guys riled up about Hannah naked bungee jumping with golf pro Garrett? He was clearly trying to create some drama among the contestants, but Tyler C. was having none of it.

“I actually respect and love that she went for it,” said the tall drink of water. “She’s making her own decisions…let her go have those experiences.”

Tyler C. also later pointed out how sexist it is to judge Hannah for baring some skin considering many of the contestants, including clutch-my-pearls Luke P., participated in a swimsuit competition as part of the Mr. Right pageant. “Do you not think it’s a double standard that you’re able to parade around in a Speedo in front of everybody and show your big bravado self but she can’t go bungee jumping?” Tyler C. asked Luke P.

Frankly, having zero tolerance for sexism should be a low bar, but, unfortunately, it’s rare to see, particularly on shows like The Bachelorette. Tyler C. standing up for Hannah’s autonomy is more charming than any of Jed’s serenades.

His Fantasy Suite date was the hottest of them all

Sure, Hannah and Peter had a whole lot of windmill sex, but what she had with Tyler C. was even hotter.

During the dinner portion of their date, Hannah told Tyler C. that she wanted to spend the night getting to know him emotionally rather than physically. In response, he said: “Tonight, the Fantasy Suite—it has the connotation of sex. For me, it’s way more than that. I just want to be with you and have that time with you. You have to really love and respect and honour each other’s boundaries. And I would never press you or pressure you at all. I want you to be 100% comfortable and confident in whatever we do together.”

Again, this should be the norm, but as we later saw during Hannah’s date with Luke P.—and as most single ladies can attest—this level of respect is not always a given. Love and respect go hand in hand, and, according to Hannah herself, Tyler C. is the “most respectful” man ever. In that same episode, Jed used his Fantasy Suite date to complain about Luke P. and pressure her to get rid of him. So, again, point for Tyler C.

His support of women extends beyond Hannah

When it comes to supporting women, Tyler C. doesn’t just talk the talk on The Bachelorette—he seems to walk the walk IRL. Hannah has proven herself all season to be a complete and total boss. (Honestly, she may even be my fave Bachelorette of all time.) And Tyler C. proved that he is absolutely here for it. In fact, according to his tweets, he is straight up “in awe” of her.

The former pro athlete showed that his admiration for strong women goes beyond Hannah when he recently tweeted his support for another hero: U.S. women’s national soccer team co-captain Megan Rapinoe.

Again, celebrating strong, accomplished women should not be novel, and yet it makes this man stand out. Given Hannah’s official badass status and Tyler C.’s clear support and admiration for powerful women (which he reiterated during their live reunion), these two seem like a match made in progressive heaven. Meanwhile, Jed’s support seems reserved for his music career…which brings us to my final point.

He legit seems to be in this for “the right reasons”

Listen, basically all of the contestants on The Bachelorette have some kind of ulterior motive. Whether that’s the dream of becoming a Flat Tummy Tea-toting influencer or the goal of making it to Bachelor in Paradise, no one is oblivious to the fact that joining Bachelor Nation can change a contestant’s life. With that in mind, Jed’s honesty about wanting to use the show as a platform for his music was refreshing at first. It felt honest. But after details about Jed’s ex and his plan to use Hannah for fame came to light, it became amply clear that this guy is not “here for the right reasons.” He brings up his music in literally every episode. In part one of the finale, I full-body cringed watching Jed in conversation with Hannah’s parents, where he repeatedly talked about his singing career and his passion for music without ever answering their very reasonable questions about where Hannah fits into that dream. Then, in the finale, the dude brought his guitar to the proposal. THE PROPOSAL.

By contrast, Tyler C. seems to genuinely be on The Bachelorette for Hannah. Granted, he has a background in modelling and will clearly book many a gig after The Bachelorette ends, but, unlike Jed, he hasn’t openly used the show for self-promotion. To me, this is the biggest thing that separated Jed and Tyler C. going into the finale.

This isn’t to take away any agency from Hannah. Her heart wants what her heart wants and just because Tyler C. appeared to be a better guy than Jed, doesn’t mean that he was entitled to Hannah in any way. That said, from what we watched on Season 15, the final two men were vastly different in what they could offer the Bachelorette. Tyler C. was in love with Hannah. Jed was in love with what Hannah can do for his career. Even though Hannah couldn’t see the difference in time for the final rose, thank goodness she sees that now.

Hannah talks to Tyler C and says "we can just go for a drink and just hang out" on After the Final Rose

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