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Who Got Cut and Who's Left Standing on The Bachelor Season 24

Keeping tabs on who's still hanging in there on Season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’

Who is left on The Bachelor: Peter Weber poses in a black suit holding a rose and smiling

(Photo: ABC)

We made it no secret that we wanted Mike to be the Bachelor, but ABC gave us Pilot Pete. Are we salty? Yes. But we’re obviously still going to be glued to this show because the non-stop ridiculousness of the entire Bachelor franchise is just too juicy to give up. Buckle your seat belts, people. We’re all in on this ride and ready for anything.

Week after week, we’ll be tracking who’s left standing in case you missed it (or simpy can’t keep up with the drama). This season, the producers seem to have at least tried to include a few more women of colour, though we still have the franchise’s favourite variety of toned blonde beauty queens and influencers. We’ve also got some marketing execs, flight attendants and other badass occupations being repped. As our resident Bach expert Sharleen Joynt says, “long gone are the “Chicken Enthusiast” days.”

Scroll for your guide to who’s sitting pretty in the cockpit and who’s reaching for their parachute so far.

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