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Tia Def Wants to Be Bachelorette + 5 Other Things We Learned from her Chat w/ Kaitlyn Bristowe

All hail #TeamTia

Tia Bachelorette Season 14

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Bachelor Nation, this is not a drill! It’s that time of year again when The Bachelor is coming to an end (only two more episodes of Arie’s cringe-worthy makeouts, you guys) and people start speculating on who the next Bachelorette should/will be. And according to our girl Tia—who got sent home this week after Hometowns *tear*—she is veeerryy interested in the gig. The Arkansas cutie, and total Raven lookalike, recently made a guest appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast and spilled. the. beans. “I would love the opportunity to get to do it! I feel like I would definitely have to really think about it because that is a lot of pressure to be in control, but I would also get to be the one in control,” Tia said after Kaitlyn basically begged her to be the next Bachelorette. “If the opportunity presents itself I would definitely consider it. I think it would be a blast!”

While those of you on #TeamTia bask in this glorious news, here’s a few other juicy deets we learned from her quick chat with Kaitlyn and her mega-hot fiancé Shawn B.

She was “very f-cking surprised” when Arie sent her home

Just like the rest of us, when Arie called Kendall’s name over Tia’s, she was straight-up shook. And though she admits she knew something was off when Arie wasn’t making eye contact with her during the Rose Ceremony, Tia said that her “heart just f-cking sank” when he sent her home. Same girl, same.

But she’s *way* over Arie now

When Kaitlyn asked her how she felt about everything now, months after the fact, Tia said at this point she doesn’t “still feel angry or sad” about it. In fact, once she got her emotions out with Arie after the Rose Ceremony, Tia says she was mostly just excited that she got to go home to her dog. Which like, we don’t blame her—look at that face! Way cuter than Arie’s if you ask us.

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She’s got a message for the haters

According to Tia, her new BFF Raven Gates gave her some helpful tips on how to deal with the haters—just block ’em. “Raven taught me how to block keywords on Instagram comments. So, to all the haters, I have you blocked, I have your nasty words blocked,” she said. “So I’ve actually only seen the positive responses from people and it’s really nice to see.” *Insert slow claps here*

She and Arie did hangout with Raven and Adam during Hometowns

This one had us hella confused. On the evening that Hometowns aired, Raven posted an adorbs Insta shot of her and BiP beau Adam on a double date with Tia and Arie. So naturally, we were v. disappointed when we didn’t see evidence of this get-together during the episode. But it’s officially been confirmed—they DID hangout in Tia’s hometown. “I didn’t know until that morning that Raven and Adam were going to surprise me in Arkansas,” Tia told Kaitlyn. Apparently, the four of them hung out, had a few casual Fireball shots, and then went their separate ways. Um hi, Bachelor producers—you didn’t show us Tia’s hangout with Raven but you *did* show us 15 excruciating minutes of disturbing taxidermy content? How dare you, ABC. How dare you.

Tia and Shawn B. are…related?

Now, this one totally could have been an inside joke because Shawn and Tia both have the same last name—did anyone else know Tia’s last name was Booth? But, Shawn B. did say multiple times that they were cousins. And even though he LOL’d while saying it, we’re convinced it’s true.

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