Everything We Know About The Bachelorette's Tyler G.

And this one thing we’re not so sure about

Season 15 Bachelorette contestant Tyler G. wearing a black shirt and posing for the camera.
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Alabama Hannah has given us nothing but drama and excitement for her season on The Bachelorette. She’s quirky, funny and brutally honest about her expectations for the Bach’ boys.

Most notably, Hannah wants someone who is bold. Frontrunner Luke P. is really following her mantra with his grand gestures but it’s getting a little creepy. Even Cam A. is entering icky territory with some of his own awkward gestures. (“Always Be Cam” is not a motto that’s working for him). And now it looks like more toes will be stepped on in the pursuit of being *bold* for Hannah.

But for one bachelor, Tyler G., toe-stepping wasn’t necessary to earn the first one-on-one date with Hannah during a muddy ATV ride topped with a romantic dinner date at the Roosevelt Hotel.

(Spoiler alert: Tyler G., aka Tyler Gwozdz, reportedly doesn’t make it past episode 3 after some buzz about his past surfaced online).

There’s little to know about the blue-eyed, dark-haired beauty from The Bachelorette given his lack of screen time, but here’s what the web has taught us about Tyler G.

Jared Haibon 2.0

Bachelorette fans are fawning over Tyler G.’s good looks, but only because he kind of looks like Jared Haibon from Bachelor in Paradise. The two share the sharpest jawlines ever, but otherwise I just don’t really see it.

But on a more accurate note, he definitely could pass for Tangled‘s Flynn Rider any day.

Animated movie character Flynn Rider sitting on a hair as he looks up.
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Not a club-goer

A 28-year-old not liking clubs is a pretty mundane quality if you ask me. According to his ABC profile, “He avoids clubs at all costs and would much rather spend time reading.” Hmm. This could mean he either really loves books, is kind of shy or has another secret reason for being so strongly against clubbing. It’ll be up to Hannah to find out for us.

To be fair, it would probably be more concerning for someone in their 40s to still want to kick it at a club with people half their age. But for Tyler G., there’s something a little curious about this one.

Enjoys a cold brew…a little too much

It doesn’t take spending long on Tyler G.’s Insta to learn that he loves a cool bottle of beer. After all, he’s holding one in way too many posts. It’s hard not to get frat-boy vibes  here.


A man of the mind

Tyler G. could impress his way into winning Hannah’s heart if he understands the psyche of love. He is currently at graduate school working on his PhD in psychology. His hope is to become a clinical psychologist.

What’s more interesting is his side hustle. Tyler G. has a business in dream therapy analysis. IDK what this *really* is, it might actually help people, but he also sounds like a guy who can play some serious mind games.

Wants what Hannah wants

At this point, everyone is trying to be the guy Hannah wants them to be instead of being themselves. But Tyler G.’s bio basically describes the same values as Hannah’s. He says that he wants “…a confident girl that isn’t afraid to lay it all out on the table.” Hellooo! All Hannah has been preaching to these fellas is to “be bold.” Tyler G. doesn’t need psychoanalysis to conclude that confidence is something Hannah will never lack.

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