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Everything We Know About The Bachelorette's Tyler C.

Tyler C. could literally build your dream home—which basically makes him the real-life Noah from 'The Notebook'. It doesn't get any better!

(Photo: ABC)

Tyler Cameron, 26, might be a fan fave this season. The comment section on The Bachelorette page is filled with people who know him personally and are stanning for him, Eminem style. One person says, “Some of us actually went to school with, him he’s actually really sweet and he’s extremely motivated and he follows his heart and he chases his dreams and he’s actually really good in sports.” LOL, that’s a lot.

Since Tyler C.’s social accounts are locked down, we got creative to figure out as many juicy deets as possible.

Here’s everything we know about The Bachelorette‘s Tyler C:

He must have Tyra Banks on speed dial   

Tyler C.’s smize is pretty much perfect, so we’ve come to the conclusion that only the queen of smizing herself, Tyra Banks, could have taught him. He probably has an abundance of thirst traps on his private Instagram account, but you can get a taste thanks to his dreamy modelling photos are available for your viewing pleasure on the NEXT management agency website.

He’s a football dude with an MBA

According to Reality Steve, Tyler C. played football at Wake Forest University as a backup quarterback for two years before transferring to Florida Atlantic University where he played as a wide receiver. And apparently, he was pretty good. Tyler C.’s Facebook page is minimal if you aren’t on his friends list, but the few pictures that are public appear to be meaningful to him. In one of the photos, he’s holding a football award from a Florida university. His Insta profile also lists that he has a Master’s in business administration—beauty and brains. I’m single if Hannah’s not interested, just sayin’.

He could legit build your forever home

According to Tyler C.’s Instagram profile, he is also a custom home builder. The images that immediately come to mind are Ty Ty building the perfect dream home in slow-mo with his shirt off on a warm summer day. Hey, it’s totally possible, right?

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